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Hi everyone,

Well it's that time of year when we contemplate about all the things that brought us joy and sadness.

On the joy side, it would be the recalling of all the happy times and reflecting upon those who really count, our loved ones and our friends. For these are the ones who have enriched our lives.
For me it's when I ponder those who mean a lot to me and I immediately think of all of you and all the fun we had last year celebrating Madison 50th Celebration.

On the sad side for me it is the lost of so many of our love ones and friends, and opportunities lost.

So as a fresh and bright new year arrives, I want you all to know I feel so privileged and grateful that you're my friends.

My Happy New Year wish for you
Is for your best year yet,
A year where life is peaceful,
And what you want, you get.

A year in which you cherish
The past yearís memories,
And live your life each new day,
Full of bright expectancies.

I wish for you a holiday
With happiness galore;
And when itís done, I wish you
Happy New Year, and many more.

Thanks for being one of the reasons I had a great 2015.
Happy New Year!
Skippy Brown '71

This information comes to us from the schools website at
On September 8, 1965, James Madison Junior-Senior High School was opened for 2,003 students, 793 of whom were Senior High School Students. By the end of 1967, Madison Junior-Senior High had reached an enrollment peak of 2,700. In January of 1968 the Junior High School population was transferred to the newly-opened Dick Dowling Junior High School, and at that time James Madison Junior-Senior High School became James Madison Senior High School. In the fall of 1981, the student population of Madison was extended to include the ninth grade; the enrollment during that year reached a peak of 2,236.

In the fall of 1965, the faculty and students of Madison were welcomed to their beautiful new school by Principal Arthur D. Herring, Assistant Principal Dr. Dale H. Perkins, and Dean Rosamund Glosup. These administrators, along with the teachers, students, and members of the community, determined the policies for the new school. The Marlin was selected as the school mascot, the school colors chosen were blue, white, with a hint of red.

Mrs. Carrie R. McAfee assumed the the duties of principal in 1974.

Mrs. Ada T. Cooper was assigned as principal in 1989.

Mr. Warner D. Ervin assumed the duties of the principal in 1992.

Ms. Gloria J. Legington, was assigned the duties as principal in 2001.

Dr. Aubrey Todd III is currently the principal

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